Working Moms Guide to Getting Things Done


How does she do it?  A consistent question people ask about working moms. She juggles — she carries the weight of the family, home, work, society, friendships, pets, among much more.  With the increased amount of working moms at home during the Covid pandemic, we have to support each other. With three kiddos each at home, take it from us…Here are a few tips to completing tasks and getting things done:

  • Eliminate distractions. Set a timer. Turn your phone upside down or place it on the other side of the room. Complete harder tasks earlier in the day when your mind is fresh. Sit down/Stand up and do the work while the children are in class.  Let them see you work along with them.
  • Get energized. Find 30 mins three days a week to exercise. Yes, put your athleisure wear to work. If you have to, wake a few minutes earlier, take a longer lunch break, or even add some bicep curls with dumbbells while you are listening to a podcast or unwinding in front of Netflix/HGTV at night.
  • Take breaks. Be sure to get up and rest your eyes from the screens. Take the dog for a quick walk, grab a glass of water or cup of coffee, and come back a few minutes later with a refreshed mindset. Five-minute breaks are life-savers.
  • Indulge in healthy snacks. Keep easy-to-reach snacks available. Some of our favorites: trail mix, nuts, fruit, protein bars and cut veggies.
  • Develop checklists and to do lists. Ok…we may have To Do lists for our To Do lists, but you don’t have to get that crazy! Keep a notebook of weekly tasks. Break it down to daily tasks. When you complete a job, scratch it off!
  • Create a schedule.For you and them… Add all family appointments, work meetings, and extracurricular activities to your calendar. Define days for specific tasks – Sunday is sheet cleaning day, Monday is cooking day, etc. Share a calendar with your spouse and/or family members.
  • Keep your mind healthy. Take some time to relax. Take slow, deep breaths. Listen to calming music. Enjoy a bubble bath. Write your feelings down. Do yoga or take a walk and gain some additional energy as well.
  • Plan for meals ahead of time. Meal prep is a time-saver! Figure out the meals for the week. Make bigger meals to last several days. Cut fruits and veggies at the beginning of the week for easy to grab snacks. Do one big grocery shop to eliminate additional trips.
  • Pause and give thanks/Spend time with a higher power. Take the time to be grateful. Thank your team members, mentors, friends, and family for being there to support you. Share a note. Write in a gratitude journal. Meditate. Pray.
  • Wear your hats with pride. Be proud of the mom, professional, nurse, chauffeur, therapist, pet sitter, chef, house keeper you are!
  • Support other working moms. It takes a village. Be there for each other, and share resources.

Working moms, you’ve got this!

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