Top Twelve Highlights of Year One


A one-year anniversary is a special one to celebrate.

So, we’re doing just that!  We are toasting to the accomplishments we made in the last 365 days! We’ve learned a lot during our first year in business together and are thrilled to share our top twelve highlights with you.

1. Launching Polished Nichols Public Relations & Marketing

Creating and executing our strategic business plan made it possible to introduce our twin duo PR and Marketing firm. Then all the fun began!

2. Opening Dream Baby Décor Grand with special guest First Lady Yumi Hogan

Our first client event at which we invited media occurred during the time when we were prepping the launch of our own brand. Even during the beginning of a national pandemic, we garnered media’s attention, welcomed First Lady Yumi Hogan as a special guest and spokesperson, and cultivated partnerships that would assist with the shop’s promotion.

3. Sharing client news announcement and garnering media coverage

This year, we were able to reconnect with several of our favorite media contacts and had the joy of making some new media friends. As a result of sharing timely and newsworthy pitches, we garnered coverage in targeted media outlets for all clients who contracted us for media relations services.

4. Reconnecting with previous partners

It’s always fun to reunite with past clients, partners, and industry contacts. We were thrilled when Ella Pritsker came across Polished Nichols Public Relations & Marketing on the internet was looking for a PR agency to “polish” her new brand.

5. Promoting female leadership

Nothing is better than supporting other female leaders.  What an awesome opportunity it was to work with GRB&A on their internal and external strategic communications plan for the announcement of two new female partners.

6. Planning and implementing social media platforms for clients who didn’t have a following

Welcome to 2021…we reviewed a client’s previous marketing plan and noticed that their social media campaigns were weak, non-performing, or non-existent. What did we do? We compiled and executed a full social media calendar specific to their brand and industry, increasing overall awareness, engagement and site traffic while and building a steady and loyal following.

7. Writing thought leadership and expert contributor articles

Content marketing is a hot service right now, and we’re fully engaged for several clients. As content writers, we do it all. During our first year, we authored more than 100+ by-lined articles, thought leadership blogs, tip sheets, speeches, email campaigns, internal news, and external content for clients in a variety of industries.

8. Planning virtual events and increasing social presence and followers as a result

We decided to share our event planning and marketing services pro bono with Monument Women’s Creative Alliance. After planning one successful virtual event, the board requested that we manage a few more events for the organization. The 2021 event Say Yes To Saying No was a hit with 86 registered attendees, three exceptional speakers, and great take-aways. In addition to the event planning, we gained control of their social platforms, allowing us to increase new social media followers by 52%.

9. Enhancing LinkedIn accounts for corporate executives

LinkedIn is no longer utilized just as a job-seeking/recruiting platform.  In fact, 91% of executives rate LinkedIn as their first choice for professional relevant content.  We shared our LI expertise with several C-level executives at major national and international companies to increase their usage, engagement, and tracking activities on the professional social platform. In all cases, we saw a substantial increase of new followers, in-system messages, and partnership evolution. One executive who made a significant appearance on the platform after years of having a stale profile, was asked by an industry friend what his secret was…

10. Developing and maintaining brand awareness for Polished Nichols, and sharing education with future industry leaders

The best case study you can share with a client is your own.  As a PR and Marketing firm, it is relevant for our clients to see that we stand behind our work.  We take the extra minutes/hours each day and promote our own brand.  This year, we made the effort to create and execute a website, social media calendar, content marketing, partnership cultivation and memberships with MWCA, Pacesetters as their exclusive PR agency, and PRSA. When connecting with someone recently, they asked “are you the pink PR twins?”

In addition to practicing what we preach, we also teach what we know. Overseeing an internship program has given us the opportunity to educate  future industry leaders with an intense, hands-on program.

11. Being true to ourselves: Knowing what we do best and partnering with other industry experts to succeed for our clients

Marketing is a multi-faceted industry, and we knew we couldn’t be experts at everything. Therefore, we ran with the areas of expertise we enjoyed and at which we exceeded the most. Then, we partnered with some amazing contractors, freelancers, agencies, and organizations to provide our clients with top-notch service that they deserve.

12. Balancing work and life

Who are the bosses?  We are!

We started Polished Nichols Public Relations & Marketing so we could do what we love most – being moms/wives and being passionate, badass PR and Marketing professionals. We knew our success would come if we took the time to balance our work and life, and so far, it’s working!

We’re so fortunate that we have been able to string together a year’s worth of amazing days, ideas, campaigns, opportunities, relationships, and memories. Cheers to 2022 – year two for Polished Nichols!