Professionalism in the Workplace Part 2 of 3


How Some Things Have Changed but Why Others Should Remain the Same – Part 2 of 3

Professionalism in the workplace – whether in the office or from a remote venue – can be difficult to master these days.  We’re back at it with the next five tips on how to instill professionalism in your workplace.  Feel free to refer back to the first five tips we shared earlier this month as a refresher.

6. Be on Time

Timeliness is a big component of professionalism.  Be on time. It shows that you care about your job, other people’s time, and your client.  Should you be running late for a Zoom call, meeting, event, or workday, call and inform the individuals waiting on you.

7. Manage Your Time

Be cognizant of your time.  Create a list of To Dos and set priorities.  Be prepared to reschedule and rearrange your plans.  Sometimes, projects take longer than you expect, so plan accordingly. Be willing to work late, start early, or take work home (if you are in an office these days).  If you have a responsibility, you need to complete it.

Make time for yourself.  Don’t become a work machine.  Schedule time for family and friends. Work/life balance is key to success.

8. Understand Urgency

A major part of a job in PR is to understand the urgency of a matter.  If a client calls or emails to request a project, promptly try to assist with their request.  If you need help in finalizing the task, ask someone to assist so that the project is completed quickly and efficiently.

9. Be Organized

Keep your work area clean and neat.  Put away any personal belongings that are not being used. Your work area – whether in office or remote -reflects your character. Make a good first impression.

Keep your work in digital and file folders, labeled for each client, project, program, etc.  Fill out your calendars with dates of important events, meetings, tasks, etc.  Compile a weekly To Do list.  Compile a daily To Do list.

10. Attention to Detail/ Proof Work

Dedicate your time and energy into creating something perfect.  Always, always check and double check work for spelling and grammar mistakes.  It is relevant that all work handed to a manager be of the same caliber that would be given to a client.  In the PR and Marketing industry, there is no time for shortcuts or mistakes.  Always strive for perfection.

To wrap up Part 2 of 3 in this series: Professionalism is conveyed by your timeliness, management of time, reaction to urgent needs, organization, and attention to details. 

Join us in a few weeks for the conclusion to our series.