Good Reads – September 2021


Enjoy our favorite September Stay Smart PR and Marketing resources. 

Stay connected and in “the know” with these suggested assets.  Read the latest industry news, take a class or two, listen to a podcast, and if you dare, open up one of the recommended PR books.

AP Style Updates: Social Media, PR News, September 21, 2021

Free Business and Marketing Resources, Hubspot, September 2021

Marketing Learning, LinkedIn Learning, September 2021

Top 40 PR Podcasts, Feedspot, September 30, 2021

10 Best New Public Relations Books in 2021, Bookauthority

Digital Marketing News, Insights and Updates for September 2021, Frizbit*, September 30, 2021

*This resource offers the headliners and this awesome cheat sheet for every month!

Check back in for more insights in October from some of our go-to industry resources. If you have great learning tools that you love, send them our way and we’ll share the wealth.