Empowering Women – Why and How to Do It!


Having daughters of our own and emulating the guidance from our mom, it’s important for us to encourage other women to thrive. We want them to thrive in their professional career and their personal life.  No matter the woman’s age, education, professional stature, every one of us needs a little empowering sometimes.

Below are a few tips to empower women in the workplace:

  • Encouragement and praise: Self-esteem and confidence are the main keys to empowerment. In order to be a star, you have to feel like one. Share a compliment today and watch the ripple effect.
  • Leadership: Give them the ability to lead. Let them share their leadership skills with others by making bold decisions and guiding the team in a new direction.
  • Constructive feedback: Be honest but don’t be mean. Sharing constructive feedback is meant to encourage other women to learn. Be clean and precise. Give actionable suggestions. Be empathetic.
  • Honesty: Share your thoughts and feelings. Don’t hold back — be an open book.This is how you teach and learn.
  • Give a little nudge: We’re not talking a physical nudge – but a nice little mental push.Share tasks that may push them to another level of thinking and reacting.
  • Support: Be there for each other. No one gets a female like a female (truth be told, gentlemen). Be there to share advice, a friendly smile, a kind word, or helping hand.
  • Lead by example and be a good mentor/role model: Actions can result in positive impact. Encourage mentorship and collaboration with each other. Women’s roles are shaped by what they hear, observe, and experience. Make it positive for those women around you.
  • Encourage them to ask questions: Ask empowering questions of them and yourself. The best questions could prompt a move in the direction you want and deserve.

 As we wrap up International Women’s Month, we encourage you to continue to empower each other.  “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.”

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