Broadcast TV Media Interview Tips


Broadcast TV media interviews are amazing ways to raise brand awareness – whether they are in person or on Zoom. They are super exciting, but sometimes require a little more preparation than interviews for print/digital articles. Try implementing our favorite tips.  Your media contacts will be thrilled with the results.

Prior to the Interview:

  1. After pitching broadcast media for an interview, be responsive. Television staff work on tight and urgent deadlines so be mindful of their time. Finalize the date/time and confirm the day prior to the interview.
  2. Talk with the media contact and determine the topic/direction of the story.  Prepare a Q&A and gather industry research to share with the media contact to assist with the interview content.
  3. Review the content with the spokesperson. Practice the interview questions several times until comfortable with the details.
  4. Determine if the interview is taped or live, in studio or virtual. That will make a difference in your preparation. Live interviews require quick thinking. Remote broadcast interviews require an additional set of considerations.
  5. Share your interview details with your team, social followers, friends, etc. Find out during which show hour the news will be broadcasted. “Tune in to WXXX at 7:15 a.m. to catch Jim Dole, representing ABC company as he discusses the new initiatives for the year.”
  6. Check out the reporter beforehand.  Conduct research and learn a little about him/her/them. Check out LinkedIn, corporate bio page, or social platforms to gain an understanding of their interests. You’ll have some small talk time with the reporter before the interview, so determine a few topics to discuss with him/her/them.
  7. Plan your outfit to reflect your brand. Wear something branded. Pastel tops and dark colored pants are best on TV. Avoid any patterned clothing or large, reflective jewelry.
  8. Arrive early – at least 15 minutes – to get settled in at the studio. Check your appearance. Determine if you will stand or sit. Be flexible with TV reporters as they may have to push a segment if breaking news occurs. If virtual interview, arrive to the interview link early to check technology.

During the Interview:

  1. The reporter is your contact. Always look at the reporter, not directly into the cameras (unless you are on Zoom).
  2. Control the messages.  If you don’t love the question, fill your “answer” with another fact! If the reporter asks you several questions and you aren’t sure how to answer it, “cherry pick” – choose the one question you want to answer and move on.
  3. Keep answers short and sweet.Use sound bites. Don’t use too much jargon or industry lingo.  Stay on topic. State the company’s name several times.
  4. Speak slowly and clearly. Pause in between thoughts.
  5. Share a Call to Action. Announce the website address, phone number, and/or social platforms where viewers can learn more.
  6. If taped, ask for a “do-over” if necessary. Sometimes, you just don’t get it right the first time around and that’s okay. That’s the beauty of a taped interview.

After the Interview:

  1. Bring a few goodies to share with the interviewer and crew.  They love getting free stuff and it will help promote your brand within the news station.
  2. Share the segment link once it has run on your social platforms and website.
  3. Be sure to thank the station and the reporter.  Give a shout out on social media. Send a nice email to the reporter directly.

If you make a great first impression with the broadcast TV team, you have a higher chance of being invited back to share more thought leadership suggestions, news, and ideas in the future. Be prepared to become a go-to resource!

Need assistance? We’re happy to plan and implement your next media relations campaign, and prep you to be a broadcast TV interview superstar.