Natalie Van Buskirk

Founder & Managing Partner

“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.”

Natalie is known for her making experiences amazing because she knows that attention to detail is what matters.  From her hawk eyes for grammatical, spelling, and spacing edits in written pieces; timing and calendar goals; to her desire to incorporate the perfect color, style, and tone to branding details, she is always on point!

Natalie earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and minors in Advertising and Management, and while studying for her MBA in Marketing Management from York College of Pennsylvania, she held the position of Assistant Buyer for The Bon Ton Department Store.  Upon graduation, Natalie landed a job as Public Relations Manager at 180s.   She increased media impressions by 281% within 2 years and secured placement in publications such as GQ, Men’s Health, Runner’s World and Shape magazines.  She developed national and business pitches that resulted in coverage in outlets including CNN, Early Show, Fortune Magazine, Good Morning America, Inc. Magazine, Paula Zahn Now, The Today Show, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal; while also developing international media relations campaigns to reach Asia, Europe and Canada.

After five years with the premier provider of wearable outdoor technology accessories, Natalie became an Account Manager at MGH Advertising.  During her short time at MGH, she spent her days working directly with clients to understand their needs and communicate those ideas through print, digital, radio and guerrilla marketing tactics.  She worked on the ADDY Awards winner UMUC and The Baltimore Sun ad campaigns. 

In 2007, Natalie’s dreams came true and she became a first-time mother, and took that role as a full time position.  She began Polished Nichols a year later, serving retail, health and spa, and restaurant clients.  As her three children (Connor, Cooper, and Scarlett) became more independent, she decided to grow the business.  She maintained the business while being a Stay-At-Home-Mom, actively participating and leading PTA Board positions, and managing an Interior Design business, Polished Nichols Organization & Interior Design, a commercial and residential design company

Over the past two years under Natalie’s leadership, the roster for Polished Nichols has grown with clients in industries including: accounting services, dining, health/spa, hospitality, landscaping, retail, and social entertainment application. With the increased work load in 2020, Natalie invited her twin sister and best friend, Nicole to become an active partner, and the duo is more polished than ever.

Awards & Accolades

Baltimore Sun
“Sun People Know”
Out of Home Campaign

University of MD University College
“UMUC Military Campaign”
Newspaper Campaign, Color